6 Tips to Boost your Résumé


1) The Many Faces Of A Résumé: One of the things recruiters hate the most (other than being sent a resume addressed to someone else...) is a generic resume. Make sure you customize your resume for each position. 

This may require a little extra work but tailoring each resume to each specific job can go a long way. 
If a certain position requires a certain skill, make sure it's noticeable in your resume. If you are applying to a Director of Sales, Latin America position, and knowledge of the Spanish language is a must, make sure your Spanish proficiency is quickly found in the resume.


2) Numbers!: If you can quantify your impact at a job, then include it. Recruiters' eyes jump to the numbers immediately. What can be measured is the most compelling. And you don't need to just quantify sales. You can measure bottom line savings, output, new regions attained, competitive marketshare, growth in department, budget, etc. Think beyond the obvious.


3) 411: The contact information on your resume is the first way recruiters will try to reach you, so make sure it is updated. Check the phone number is your current one (preferably your mobile so you can be reached easily) and that your email is one that you check regularly.

4) Be Clear: Stand behind what you write. The first impression recruiters have of you is your resume. Make sure you write your positions, achievements, responsibilities in a clear way - don't be too wordy or vague. 


5) Be Succinct When Needed: Unless you are required to, a resume should not be longer than a page. Don't describe your 2006 Summer Internship for over half a page. Recruiters prefer to learn more about recent projects and positions.

6) LinkedIn Is Your Friend: LinkedIn is your (extended) online business card and is available to everyone who wants to take a look. Updating your resume with important achievements or skills? Looking for a new job? Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date as well.



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