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As a recent college graduate, the work experience section in your resume may seem lean. But there are many other things that you can add to help increase the chances of getting that important call from recruiters. 


Here are 4 things to check off when drafting your resume.


Extra Curricular Activities - don't just mention you graduated from Acme University and what your major was. Add any (relevant) extra curricular activities as well. Were you a president of a club? Terrific - this shows certain skills recruiters are looking for. Were you elected to this position? Even better - shows that you stood out and have exceptional skills and character. This is especially important if the position you are applying to involves managing people. 


Volunteer Work - one way to capture the interest of a recruiter is to show that you are an involved citizen and care about your community. Also, recruiters want to see the full picture of who you are, beyond eduction and work experience. Sometimes, experience outside your field can show commitment and character. If the volunteer work is relevant to the job you are applying to, it can show recruiters that you have more experience than is listed in the work experience section of your resume. 


Hobbies - the answer to whether you should add your hobbies to the resume is yes. And no. Including an "interests" section on your resume can add dimension beyond your experience. A mention of running marathons shows your drive. Going to ComicCon every year for the past 10 years on the other hand may risk appearing unprofessional. 

Skills - your degree is not the only thing to show for. If you took a class that is relevant for the role or have a proficiency in a relevant software, it's worth mentioning. As a recent college graduate, your work experience may be short but your professional skills can be impressive.



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