Why your LinkedIn profile is different than your résumé


Your LinkedIn profile should not be your short resume. Copying & pasting your resume into your LinkedIn profile is not something advisable for several reasons – 


1. LinkedIn limits the number of characters in each section – if you simply copy&paste, your section will be cut off.


2. LinkedIn can be the first place recruiters notice you. If they approached you – they’ve read your profile. Sending them a copy of your LinkedIn profile in a Word or PDF format as a resume is redundant. Even if you use InDesign to format your resume, copying&pasting from your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have that added value you are looking for to be called in for an interview. Leaving the LinkedIn space, recruiters expect a more content-rich and elaborated document. Differentiate yourself with each message – on your LinkedIn profile and in your resume.


3. The etiquette of how you present yourself in your LinkedIn profile and your resume differ. Resumes are more formal while your LinkedIn profile is more relaxed and personal. Use the Summary box on your profile to weave warmth and passion into your bottom-line focused message.


4. When sending your resume, you are sending it to a specific job posting you found. On LinkedIn, your profile is searchable through keywords and advanced search, making you reachable to anyone seeking to have a targeted candidate pool of people like you. Positions which you were not aware of can suddenly become a great option.


5. As a resume is a more formal document, you are not expected to add a headshot. In LinkedIn on the other hand, a (professional) headshot gives your profile a more personal touch and makes you seem more approachable.


6. Once it is sent out, your resume is a static document. Your LinkedIn profile on the other hand is a live one, with status updates being a part of your ever-updating profile. Your latest deal was mentioned on TechCrunch? Add a status update with a link to the post, to show recruiters what you are doing now.


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